Re: Let us all get together and chat!!

dwayne (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 15:52:08 +1000

Gina Miller wrote:
> Well I think it's nice to have a page that we can go to that the rest of the
> world isn't involved in. With irc, someone can jump in and start talking
> about a level of subject matter that wouldn't pertain.

You can make irc channels hidden
you can make irc channels private
you can make irc channels secret

You can irc from a telnet session.
there are irc clients for probably every platform since the abacus irc tends to be more like a chatting than webchat programs

I mean, sure, have a web-based chat thing if you like, but I think irc is much better for chatting and easier to get at than one of those web things.



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