Re: freedom vs even distribution
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 11:54:03 EDT

In a message dated 99-06-12 15:36:36 EDT, Anders wrote:

> Sorry. Here is an example: TransAnders wants to help the benighted

> humans to become posthumans just like it, but then TransOtter and the
> others will attack him for being a threat to the Posthuman way of
> life. So TransAnders creates an offspring posthuman which he tweaks
> the basic values and cognitive patterns of slightly. After a long
> minute of upbringing, discussions and gradual divergence occurs,
> during which TransAnders subtly manipulates the offspring into
> becoming a fierce but clever altruist willing to risk everything to
> help the humans. In the end it does this, incurring the wrath of
> everybody else, but never revealing any link to TransAnders since it
> doesn't know it, and will never allow anybody to read its source code
> while it is alive.

PLEASE someone write a science fiction novel based on this plot -- great idea!

Regarding the idea of "reaching back" to help less advanced beings achieve transhuman status, take a look at my essay about the "Extrosattva" (Anton Sherwood's term):

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