Re: STORY: The Transhumanist Racist

Raymond G. Van De Walker (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 07:45:41 PDT

Love it. A plausible end to racism. "The audience begins to look worried . . ."

<Herr Doktor, the transhumanist, addresses a convention of racists>

>[some members of the audience begin to look worried]
>"Using the technologies we have developed, it will not just become
>possible to cure blacks, asians and liberals, but to make them into
>superior races."
>[stunned silence, then pandemonium. Herr Doctor raises the volume of
>his microphone and continues unfazed.]
>"I see you realize the wonderful possibilities too.

<snip qualifications about cultural influence fixed by memetic engineering>

>[Herr Doctor notices a screaming Clan member]
>"But what about *us*?!!"
>"Oh, isn't that obvious. We use the same technology to improve our
>defective genes and memes.

<snip optimizations for whiteys, like black skin>

>In the long run as everybody optimizes themselves with only the best
>genes and memes, of course, the end result will be just one superior
>race. Any new races after that will simply be different design
>choices. Isn't that great?"

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