Re: Fear of Guns Vs. Fear of No Guns

Timothy Bates (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 16:42:45 +1000

-Eric Ruud said

> Let's start letting little kids drive!
On private roads, sure.

> and while we're at it, let's let
> anybody perform surgery on anyone else!
With their permission? Absolutely.

This latter is one of the most urgently needed reforms. The ability of medical unions to restrict trade is responsible for much of the ill-health remaining in society. Many operations could be performed by people with far fewer than the typical decade-long training required by law. Let anyone buy anything they want to and let them worry about the consequences.

> And we could make all of the jet
> liner captains people we find on the street!
You are using "we" in a very confusing fashion.

> Hell why do we have tests for ANYTHING?

Two reasons, one legitimate and personal, the other illegitimate and coercive

Reason 1 - personal tests to establish fitness for purpose.

I test the movies I see by looking at like-minded reviewer's assessments Also, we impose tests on the people we deal with. If this is done in a competitive environment, I think this is just fine. If you have a private road and won't let people under 28 drive on it, I might even choose to drive on your road.

reason 2 - tests are imposed to capture gain from restricting trade.

If a group uses tests AND restricts competition then I think this is illegitimate. Examples include medical associations not merely imposing restraints own their own members (legitimate guild activity) but gaining exclusive government sanction for their rules.


I saw this in a sig.
Democracy:  Three wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.

But I think this is closer to the truth
Democracy:  Three sheep and one farmer voting on what to have for supper.