Re: Anger management

Anders Sandberg (
11 Jun 1999 21:56:02 +0200

Cynthia <> writes:

> > I have found understatement to work, especially since I have at a few
> > very rare times demonstrated my ability to become fiercely angry. That
> > usually works to convince people to listen.
> Understatement seems to work better for tall male types.


> As an experiment, I put up a website (
> featuring some pictures and some poetry I wrote. And 99% of the reaction was to my
> pictures.
> I think that visual signals make a bigger impression on most people, than words do. I
> think that I should get a couple of little signs. And if something pleases me, I will put
> up the sign with the happy face, and if something really upsets me, I will take out the
> sign with the unhappy face.

Yes, visual stuff has a tremendous impact factor, even if it varies a lot between people. We are visual primates after all. Actually, this suggests that if you want to make people notice the poetry more, make the pictures more understated.

If communication uses many modalities (image, text, sound, taste...) it becomes much clearer without necessarily having to become louder.

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