Anger management

Cynthia (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:33:04 -0700

dwayne wrote:

> > > >Why get angry about it? Why not just ask them to stop?
> > >
> > > Because if you don't get angry when you ask them to stop they're not going
> > > to know how much you want them to stop. Anger is a well-developed social
> > > convention which tells other people when they've gone too far.
> >
> > That seems to be the case. I don't express anger well, and other people don't
> > seem to get the message.
> So you are saying that saying to someone "I am really angry about this"
> is ignored?

Actually, I say "You know, I am really very angry about this". And if it isn't completely ignored, it is quickly forgot about. Apparently, a big emotional display is required to form a lasting impression.