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Chuck Kuecker (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 07:18:16 -0500

At 03:39 PM 6/11/99 +1000, Dwayne wrote:
>Just because someone has forced entry into your premises, why should you
>be allowed to kill them?

Force delivered should match the threat presented. If the intruder halts when accosted, that should be the limit of force used. If the intruder persists in advancing, escalation in force is justified until the threat is neutralized. If this requires the death of the intruder, it is the intruder who pressed the matter. The homeowner is completely in the right in presenting ANY level of force necessary to halt the intrusion.

We must trust the person confronted with a threat to use their own judgement to counter it. If some people consistently overuse force, they will be found and society can deal with them as needed. The great majority of individuals are responsible enough to be trusted with decisions as to their own defense. Indeed, unless the ideal police state is created, there is NO OTHER CHOICE, as the existing police forces normally cannot react to threats to a person until after the fact.

In any case, this will be my last post on the matter to the list. If anyone wants to continue this thread, please feel free to email me directly.

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