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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 23:19:42 PDT


> When you say this, are you implying that there are in fact many different
> possible states to be in, some involving the conscious mind as a direct
> and autocratic control structure, and others which use it in other ways?

I think that there are (probably) an infinite number of states to be in. Each of these is rooted in its own viewpoint.

I do not identify my essential Self with my mind, conscious or otherwise. "I" am a unit of awareness that perceives and intends. "I" have a mind and body, but "I" am not a mind and body; although I may identify with these along a gradient scale ranging from zero to total identification. From this, a lesser self or "I" emerges that I refer to as my "character".

As a working postulate, I consider that my essential Self, "I" as a unit of awareness can actually be absolutely at cause over my mind, body and even the physical universe. This gives me an infinite and open-ended process of self-improvement to actualize an infinite and open-ended potential.

Of course, I do not expect anyone to agree with this. I can only say that since assuming this viewpoint, my existence has improved and expanded dramatically in all ways. For me, success is its own proof.

> Why, in your opinion, do you think that the "other-deterministic" state
> "bad"? What do you mean by "worst"?

Because while you may passively enjoy the "good", you have no power to change the "bad" or to CREATE anything yourself, "good" or "bad". Of course, this refers to an absolute of other-determinism "across the board". Everyone has a gradient scale ranging from total other-determinism to total self-determinism, and this scale applies to each aspect of their existence.


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