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Actually much more recently.

Biosphere II : about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona USA. Built in '90 (?) The two year habitation experiment began in 1991. Sorry i dont have a reference for the data/conclusions, but there were major problems with it. The project eventually went bankrupt and was bought by Columbia University which now owns and operates it as a research fdacility.

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> Subject: Biosphere?
> Now for ten points...
> In a discussion recently the topic came up about an experiment in the US
> which involved a sealed mini-ecosystem replete with people, to see if the
> closed system was viable, or for how long, or something like that. Was
> this
> kicked off in the 70s?
> Obviously my memory of this thing is quite poor. Does anyone have any
> recollection? I can't really look it up on the net, because I can't
> remember
> what it was called (subject line is my best guess).
> (It came up related to living in Canberra, Australia (the nation's
> capital!!!). It's the cultural version of the above closed system
> experiment
> in my opinion, and I think the entropy has increased beyond the ability to
> sustain a human (intellectual) life).
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