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James D. Wilson (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:43:39 -1000

Go for your CCIE. Salaries go up to $150,000 and there are openings for CCIE's across the world.

Of course it is the hardest certification there is to obtain and keep, but that is why it pays well...

James D. Wilson
"non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem" William of Ockham (1285-1347/49)

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On Tue, 8 Jun 1999, Terry Donaghe wrote:

> Here's my question: In order for me to break over into the next
> of income generation or at least stay in my current salary window,
> sorts of skills should I be adding? I hope to be certified as a
> (yeah, yeah, hiss boo) before winter, but what else should I be
> learning/doing? What will the Next Big Thing be?