RE: Of Baboons, Weasels, Sneeches, and incidious racist smears (W

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Wed, 9 Jun 1999 10:31:16 +1000

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den Otter apparently wrote:
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> > From: Michael S. Lorrey <>
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> > > It's the Star Belly Sneech story.
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> > One of my favorites. To me it illustrated how stupid the whole
> race/difference
> > thing is...
> Actually, it's stories like this that are stupid; they support the myth
> that
> the whole "race/difference thing" is just a matter of some irrelevant
> exterior features (or, at least it's often used for this purpose; it could
> be
> that Dr. Seuss was thinking of something else when he wrote it). Well, it
> ain't that simple. A far more intelligent story is that of I.M. Weasel and
> I.R. Baboon(1), the episode where they switch bodies. Initially the smart
> and successful Weasel suffers from Baboon's bad image (he's
> descriminated against), but by being himself he eventually restores
> his former position, and gaines everyone's respect once more. With
> baboon it's vice versa; he gets a free ride on weasel's good reputation,
> but by his dumb and obnoxious behaviour he ruins it and becomes an
> outcast once more.
> (1) From the makers of "Cow & Chicken", in case you didn't know.
> See: