Re: [GUNS] one good reason not to have an EXI-PENSAPAGAN list

Joe E. Dees (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 19:00:52 -0500

Date sent:      	Tue, 08 Jun 1999 10:43:36 -0400
From:           	"Michael S. Lorrey" <>
Subject:        	Re: [GUNS] one good reason not to have an EXI-PENSAPAGAN list
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> Brian D Williams wrote:
> >
> > From: "Joe E. Dees" <>
> >
> > >And my meme is not anti-gun, but anti-irresponsibles-with-guns;
> > >your meme seems to be the Let-All-The Violent-Criminals-
> > >Underage-And-Mentally-Incompetent-But-Guns-Freely meme,
> > >which I shall NEVER cease opposing.
> >
> > Joe, I given up any attempt at reason with you, you continue to be
> > insulting, continue with the same name-calling-putting-words-in
> > people's-mouths-crap....
> >
> > After reading your stuff on ecofem, or the pensapagan crap,
> > (Salamantis....Bah) there's one answer...
> >
> > <PLONK>
> I concur. I have never used filters on anybody up to now. I have always tried to
> respect all list members right to contribute, but at this point IMHO he has
> exceeded the responsible use of the pen.
> Mike Lorrey
This from the archetypical fanatical zealots on the list. I don't give a FF at a RD whether you or others of your absolutist extremist ilk APPROVE of my stance or not; the white dog truth is that it is a limited and specifically targeted compromise designed to maximize the combined sum of freedom and security available to the greatest possible nimber of our citizenry. It is surpassingly more logical, rational and reasonable than your Stepford zombie pod-person NRA-channelled party-line give-'em-all-a-gun ravings, and for that very reason will ultimately prevail, period. PS: A salamander is a fire elemental and mantis is a hood worn bu academics or clerics; the name salamantis is a nick I adopted subsequent to my divorce and means 'Hee hoo has learned by being burned."