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> >If you can't show any intellectual integrity or honesty, please stop
> debating.
> >For that matter,
> >where are all the manslaughters???? If you don't include those important
> deaths,
> >what is the
> >purpose of your statistics unless they are outright lies? A homicide is not
> a murder,
> >and a
> Hold on a sec. YOU are the one who is saying that murder and crime is where
> these guns are going, not whoever that was..
96 % of the homicides committed in 1995 in the US were murders; that is they were both intentional killings and were ruled unjustifiable.
> then, to agitate, you say they want to put them in hands of people who do
> the crimes. That's real close to accusing them of supporting murder. Stick to
> those statistics about murder, then.
They refuse to support the removal of guns from the possession of those most likely to commit murder. That is backhanded support.
> I think most people only want to fight, including you.
> Accidents are caused by yahoos like me and my plaid trash ancestors,
> irresponsible people who need training, not banning. If you take them away
> instead of educating them, people will by them illegally and stash them.
> hey look how effective drug bans are.
Guns are a lot harder to hide on one's person than drugs (since they are metal-detectable and of at least a certain size), are glaringly obvious when being used, and are retained on one's person after use. It is illegal to go around injecting people with poisons, too.