O'Regan Emlyn (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 13:32:56 +1000

Elizabeth Childs wrote:
> There was one question that presumed knowledge of how many
> ounces are in a pound, something only Americans are likely to know; the
> standard IQ tests have been combed for this kind of bias.
Yep - I cheated and asked someone, although whether that is cheating is debatable, because the knowledge is assumed - anyway, someone who *knew* would have answered faster...

In my experience (as a human), IQ does not correlate very well to competence. I get good scores because I am good at tests, I know plenty of people who are REAL smart, yet score very badly. If my IQ was assessed via a continual assessment regime, I'd probably still be a couple of standard deviations out, just the other direction (do you get 0 IQ for not handing in your IQ assignment?)