Re: GUNS: Shooting of Japanese student did happen
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:55:57 EDT

In a message dated 99-06-08 07:20:44 EDT, you write:

> As far as I remember, the guy was dressed up in some outlandish costume

> and after being warned off the front door of the guy's house he tried to
> get in the back door, even after being threatened with a .44 magnum. It's
> sad that he got killed, but that's hardly what I'd call intelligent
> behaviour; the jury obviously agreed.

Actually, I think now you're confusing that with the case of a drunken Scot who got shot in Houston under the circumstances you describe. -- The Japanese kid in Louisiana never went around to the back of the shooter's house. The Scot here in Houston did and apparently seemed pretty threatening. From the accounts I've read, the kid in Louisiana didn't seem to have been acting in a particularly threatening way -- although he WAS in a Halloween costume.

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