Re: GUNS: Emotional IQ: assumptions and our senses( wsGUNS: Shooting of Japanese student did happen)
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 10:58:28 -0700 (PDT) wrote:
>This brings up a point I have always pondered. Any moderately intelligent
>person from OUR CULTURE, would know a gun at night from twenty paces, but a
>Japanese student raised in a totally gunless environment would obvoiusly find
>this behavior so far-fetched

Japanese culture isn't totally gun-free; the crooks have plenty of guns but don't need to use them because they've traditionally been able to do much better by simply extorting money from Japanese business... that's now changing as the economy worsens. Not to mention the extremely violent Japanese media, where guns are common.

And again, you're being 'careless and frivolous about facts'. He wasn't shot from twenty paces, and if he had been I'd certainly have supported a murder conviction. The home owner was holding a .44 magnum revolver -- which, if you've never shot one, is a *very* big gun -- and shot him from a few feet away. You can't seriously claim that he didn't know the guy had a gun.


P.S. there's been at least one school massacre in Japan, but the kid did it the traditional way, beheading the others with a sword.