Re: Flat Tax.
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 23:03:10 EDT

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> Let's scrap ALL the taxes, and the bureaucracies that go with them -

> replace with an universal sales tax, no exemptions whatever, on everything
> sold. Them what has the money and spends it, pay the biggest tax; them
> without pay little or nothing. For those on assistance, simply increase
> their dole by the amount of the tax. This follows the wealth generated in
> the economy exactly. If earnings drop, so does tax income.
> Along with this, we need to force govt. to only spend what is collected.
> Any budget surplus should either be refunded to the people or put into a
> trust fund for emergencies.

i'm totally taxes allowed EXCEpt sales taxes...retail...and brokend down at the cash register so you can see how gets what..

Madera Calif