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> > Do the Swiss allow their convicted violent criminals and certified
> > mentally incompetent to possess arms?
> Of course not. First of all, the Swiss have effectively stopped defective people
> from breeding over a period of hundreds of years, so that the incidence of
> defective people is lower than ours (but not as low as it is for the Jews and
> Japanese).
Didn't the Germans try that, too? I guess that eugenics is a flexible science, and one is able to choose who is defective, even whole groups, arbitrarily.

> And the few defective people they do have, are either in their families care, or
> in some kind of institution (mental hospital or prison).
> But here we have the myth that there is no such thing as a defective person, just
> under funded schools. And instead of putting violent people into prison, we
> have social reformers who want to make the whole country a prison.
I guess that some people must be unfree for all the free ones to be armed to the teeth. In prison or an asylum, or packing. Black or white. No middle ground.