Re: [GUNS] Why not have an EXI-GUNS list?

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 17:50:48 -0400

Brian D Williams wrote:


> Yes but the arguments would be removed from this list, which is
> what everyone seems to want.
> For my part, if an EXI-GUNS list is created I will not post
> anything about guns here, as long as once warned any violator is
> expunged from the list.
> I am not interested in discussing guns on this list at all, but
> will not allow the anti-gun meme to propagate unchecked. In other
> words I wouldn't be a member of the EXI-GUNS list.

I'll subscribe and act as a bulwark against stupidity. I was rather touched this weekend when Sasha Chislenko introduced me to someone as,"a great extropian", which was followed by the discriptive,"and a very dangerous person," which he seemed to mean in the political sense. ;)

BTW, Sasha, have you converted her yet???

Mike Lorrey