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Mon, 7 Jun 1999 11:24:01 -0400

I have always said at Mensa gatherings that "I.Q. measures the size of your gastank. It doesn't say if you are running on empty!" This was being quoted in usenet taglines for a few years.

I think maximum potential is determined by genetics, but most people don't get anywhere near their potential. I think the physical body is another good example. Genetics may determine a person's build, but exercise and diet will play a much larger role in the person's physical capabilities.

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> Theta 8008 wrote:
> > 8008
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> > > 1. Some people are much better/smarter than other >people.
> > > 2. Most of that difference is genetic.
> >
> > Where do get the idea that it has ANYTHING at all to do with
> >
> > Except for something like Down's Syndrome, I think (with relative
> > certainty) that this area is entirely one of individual intent, design
> > creation.
> Despite that its now monday and you've probably gotten set straight by
others on
> the list with much more knowledge than I, intelligence is decidedly, to
> paraphrase Yogi Berra, "90% of it is 50% genetic", at the very least. Of
> each of us has a range of potential acheivement, we all have different
> limits. My dyslexic younger brother with his 120 IQ could not hope to be
> analytical, logical, and quick thinking as I, while I, with my 160 IQ,
will only
> rarely think on the level of an even greater genius, if at all. While
> helps an individual reach a higher level of their own natural IQ
potential, it
> cannot make a mediocre person into an Einstein or a Da Vinci.
> Mike Lorrey