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Mark Phillips (
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 14:45:33 CDT

But, gee, Dwayne, if everyone WERE peaceful, rational, etc. why the heck would they "need" (and/or "WANT", for that matter) guns, tac nukes, or you-name-the-weapon. That's why we have to nudge the meta-
(and even meta-meta-)INSTITUTIONAL **MEMES** (and, yes even *meta*-memes, to
the extent that these are even at all easily influenceable (at least in the short-run)) toward what might as well be called the *new* MAD---*Mutual Assured Defense*. This can be done by (though obviously on somewhat of a piecemeal basis at first) establishing both nano- (and, a fortiori, micro-)level active shields AND some sort(s) of macro-level active shield(s) to preclude the initiation of aggression. Now the pro-gun people see their position as an interim "2nd best" position, since we don't (yet) have the tech to do what I just envisioned. But once we bootstrap something like that into place, indeed, who the heck **would** need/want to carry a weapon(s) *anyway*! (Although, as a liberal individualist, I would say that a person would still have the right to pack heat if s/he chose to---and
(almost) needless-to-say, I should think that Mike (Lorrey), Joe (Dees) and
Brian (among others here) would emphatically agree.)

What do you all think about this new MAD (meta-)meme??

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Very best regards to all,

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