Re: Ethics, concretes and foundations.
Sun, 6 Jun 1999 13:08:21 EDT

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> Perhaps, if its not beyond the bounds of this list, we could try a
> debate on the foundations of transhuman ethics. Without these, any
> instance will be quite beyond any debate, much like differing
> epistemological
> methods would keep the debate useless.

I'm for that...ive been considering such a concept for years..

Briefly i've a hypothesis.

I use (for purposes of my own thinking) the term "cognitive dissonance". I use that to mean internal meme warfare within a person'sown head.

That is. if a person holds a belief that he KNOWS is true...and he also holds another beleif that he KNOWS is true..but the two beleifs contradict each other. That is congnitive dissonance.

Clinton has been said to be able to "compartmentalize". This was supposedly a good thing. I view it as a bad thing. It deteriorate judgement and is irrational. Just what we need for a world leader who has THE button.

Similarily the gun debate. I imagine that there are levels of cognitive dissonace which lead to the name calling and word twisting we've witnessed these last few weeks..

Like i mentioned once before "Don't confuse me with mind is made up"....well that sums up congnitive dissonance pretty well.

Any thoughts?

Madera Calif.