Brookhaven National Labs cracked into

Gina Miller (
Sat, 5 Jun 1999 22:46:47 -0700

Brookhaven broken into by hackers on June 1, 1999 (Hacker news)

Here's the original site

Here's what the hackers left behind

Also the Dept. Of Interior was cracked into, But I can only take you to the cracked site, Because they are down now (can't imagine why?)

And last of all:
German officials have released a statement on crypto policy. The statement says that for the worldwide protection against electronic interception and economic espionage that the strongest crypto available will be allowed to be used by German citizens. In addition the crypto development community within Germany will be supported and nurtured to create superior crypto products. The statement claims that the need of personal privacy and the protection e-commerce overrides any possible use crypto may have for criminals.

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