total honesty in email relationships...

Spike Jones (
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 21:27:15 -0700

> john grigg wrote: ...Donna is seven years
> older then me and is overweight by thirty pounds (5'3 at 160 lbs.),
> divorced, and has five children...She has had a rough life due to a
> lazy and heavy drinking husband and looks older then she actually is. This
> woman can no longer have children.

John, Im not sure Donna would be thrilled with your recording this information in a format that will be around long after you and I have passed off the scene. {8-D

> ...Here is where I have been a fool and a liar. I told her when we first
> met...

> I also lied about my weight. I said that I weighed one-hundred and...

Well this blows a theory of mine. I wondered if email relationships might be the very most honest and forthright that are possible, since the participants

would have no motive to deceive. Guess not.

My notion was that all people start all relationships in a way that is deceptive. Hear this out a minute: everything we do and everything we say, intentionally or otherwise, either fails to tell the whole story or spins a story. Im not saying we lie, Im saying we fail to communicate perfectly, whether we want to or not.

Example, coworker: Good morning Spike, how are you? Me: Fine.

It might be rain and snow outside, not a good morning at all, and I have a hangover, but still I say, fine.

Now, think about this. Even clothing is a lie, in a sense. Im not suggesting we go nude, just stretching a point.

Email relationships are the only human relationships I know where you have at least a possibility of total honesty, or at least as close as we can get to it. People will say things in email they would never utter to even their best friend. So. Dont ever blow it. This is our chance...