Re: META: How to survive reading this list

Eugene Leitl (
Sat, 5 Jun 1999 13:52:01 -0700 (PDT)

dwayne writes:

> Let me know when you have it running, or if you need beta-testers. I
> have several hundred meg of mail feed gathered over the last 10 years (I
> archive everything, including early stuff on this list) and could use
> some sort of app to make sense of it all (why I started archiving in the
> first place)

I'm afraid that my solution is Linux-specific. (Which is the reason I run that particular OS: a very stable system with lots of support and a plethora of excellent free tools available for downloading off the Net).

It relies on having a webserver (e.g. Apache) running on your box, along with htdig or webglimpse. It should be possible to run it on NT, or perhaps (shudder!) even Win9x/2xxx, but the pain of setting it up would be extremely high.

If you don't already run Linux, I suggest setting up a headless box (a Pentium100 with 32 MBytes RAM would do nicely) on the network running SuSE, RedHat or Debian Linux which acts as a web server. If you have xDSL with static IP you can even run your own webserver. You can also configure it to do on-demand dial-up, masquerading and firewalling (and http/DNS caching, and....) for your home network.

If somebody knows a script (Perl or Python) capable of extracting url's from mailboxes _and_ testing them for validity I'd very much appreciate a pointer.