Sat, 5 Jun 1999 13:49:14 EDT

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> There are honest mistakes (you're an
>american, how are you to know the word is offensive until you have been
>told it is?), but why continue to labour the point once you have been
>told the word is offensive?

I believe that it was because you called him a racist, and he was defending himself against that by holding out some examples of his own dislike of opression towards ethnic groups. Of course he was defensive. Have you ever erad your own posts? You are demanding an apology? You speak in ways that only emflame.
Something else:
You insist that the Scottish (and I would have also responded tha same way if you had denied my Native American Ancestor's plight as being bullshit) don't measure up to the standards of racism, opression or slavery. When you insist that treatment of "black" people historically, is worse than other tribal peoples, you indulge in one of the most dangerous practices that keeps racism alive today. You have to acknowledge all aspects of it, and look for solutions.
Your self rightousness won't solve anything. N