Re: racism ( was racism pollutes)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 00:06:59 EDT

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>This is SUCH complete bullshit. The Scots weren't locked up in chains
>and carted off to the other side of the planet. To even attempt to
>compare what happened to the scots to what happened to negroes is so
>obviously fatuous as to render me, um, speechless.

Listen, I just have to step in here. The word "negroes" is also often considered offensive, so be careful - you might want to practise what you preach. And I also think that a serious gaff was made, using the term "abo" and racism abounds here (as it does in most so-called polite societies). I believe it was inadvertant, which does not excuse it, BTW. You called bullshit on it, and he replied, stating his own ethnicity. I have called bullshit on so much racism and sexism on this list I can't even remember it all. I've even gone far as to yell "redneck" at people on this list. White is as white does, etc.
However. The Scots history is far more closely comparable with the Native Amercian than the African American. They had chiefs, they had clans, they had tribes, all of which the British tried to stamp out. They were forbidden to dress in their own way and forbidden to speak their own tongue. They were dealt with very much like the First Nations here in the US. Sure they are white, and that somehow makes it seem less aggregious to many, for what follows is a more efficacious "integration" into European society. If you are brown you can't be as easily "assimilated". Oh.... and yes, Scots were locked in chains and carried off - to America. It was called the great deportation. It is a sad story. It is why so many white, as well as Native American people have Scottish ancestors.