Re: [GUNS] immune system
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 13:20:40 EDT

In a message dated 6/3/99 6:55:35 AM, you wrote:

>The gun debate on this list always follows a predictable pattern.
>Someone tries to infect the list with the anti-gun meme and the
>immune system responds.
>Yes, we will always respond. Apologies to non-U.S. members of the
>list, but this is raging through our society, and it is a battle we
>must fight anytime, anywhere.
>No anti-gun meme, no response.

This is very true.
But the anti-anti-gun meme I hold is already I have believed it all my life. I don't need to endlessy defend it. It's fine to post one-time saying "this is why I believe we should continue the practice of right to bear arms which is our consitutional right". After that it does get obsessive. After *that* you sound like you need justification
and rationalization.

In fact, when I am sure about something, I state my case ONCE than move on... going over and over your case makes your defense look weak. N