Re: META: 2 small technical list change suggestions

Brian Atkins (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 08:29:57 -0400 wrote:
> Brian Atkins [] wrote:
> >What
> >is wrong with these two things that we can't all agree to
> >implement them right now?
> 1. It's a band-aid solution that won't solve the problem.

Well obviously if we never try anything new, we can't really say for sure whether it will solve it can we? (let's assume I shoot down your next two objections)

> 2. It will result in lots of boring debates as to whether someone put the
> 'correct' tag on their messages, and what should be done with them if
> they didn't.

legit point... I think the keywords that have been used before are quite "separate" from each other. It will be obvious when someone is really abusing them in order to spam the list. But there is no need for us to debate about it or even discuss those transgressions if ExI will step up and handle those situations. In fact you could even have a special keyword that is required to be used for these types of discussions, and you can filter out all those messages if they did start appearing, and you don't want to read them. (let's assume that most of the people debating keyword correctness will use the right keywords, eh?)

The fact is, is that there is only a small number of people that would likely violate the keywords purposely in an ongoing manner. These people might require a bit of public debate before getting them banned. Other people might occasionally make a boo-boo, but if you simply emailed them off-list about it, they would not do it again.

> 3. It goes a long way towards disproving Extropian ideals ('If freedom is
> so great, how come you don't have it on your list?').

Well according to the principles, extropy is the extent of a system's (mailing list's ?) intelligence, information, order, vitality, and capacity for improvement. Obviously freedom is also a big part of being Extropian. But face the fact that what I suggest would likely improve the extropy of the list whereas lately it has been decreasing. And explain to me exactly how requiring a keyword limits anyone's freedom to speak?

I think it might also make people think at least a little bit more before posting since at least they would have to figure out what keyword to post under.

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