Re: Non-lethal protective technologies?

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 09:53:46 -0400

Chuck Kuecker wrote:

> At 05:03 AM 6/2/99 -0700, wrote:
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> >And when they stun you from cover a hundred yards away without warning? Or
> >are you going to run around stunning anyone who looks like they might even
> >be thinking of stunning you?
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> Generalization time: why not prevent anyone from Joe Dee's prohibited list
> from having ANY form of weapon in public - violation to result in at least
> a mental evaluation, at worst removal from society?

But WHAT is a weapon? One who seeks the proper training can themselves be considered a lethal weapon, and how do you disarm such people who consequently wind up on that list of Joe's? Do you surgically remove a black belt's arms and feet while he is going through a divorce, and hope you can get them back on later? Do you do the same when such a person is prescribed mood altering drugs by their doctor, or if they are imprisoned? Just glancing around my office, I can spot at least half a dozen innocuous items that I could use to maim or kill someone with. Do we all get prescribed rubber rooms from birth to death? Things are getting absurd in how safe people want their lives to be. Makes me wonder if immortality is worth it.

Mike Lorrey