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Chuck Kuecker (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 08:07:49 -0500

At 12:11 AM 6/2/99 -0700, you wrote:
>The issue of guns is something I think ought to concern extropians
>because of the possibility that gun ownership may help us increase our
>life spans. The question of whether or not gun control does or does not
>reduce homicides is a question of fact , not ideology. Your personal
>feelings towards guns are irrelevant to the factual question. I think an
>analysis of the facts shows the anti-gun people to have, by far, the
>weaker case. Professor John Lott's book is a good starting point for
>those unfamiliar with the issue. Mr. Lott does not engage in name
>calling, responds calmly to criticism , and presents an excellent
>overall case for private handgun ownership. Why is it that so many other
>people can't discuss this issue without going off the handle?

It's strange how easily one can become attached to an issue with a religious fervor - even though cool thought will reveal that there ARE parts of both sides' argument that are valid.

I am sure there were some who bewailed the end of coal use for heating homes as the end of the American way of life, and I personally know people who hate Diesel locomotives because they killed off the majestic (and filthy!) old steam engines. Both were the result of the inexorable march of progress, but some cannot let their minds change to keep up. When something that makes guns totally unneeded (personal force field?) is invented, there will still be those who will not give up their guns, or their hate of those who still keep guns...

Chuck Kuecker