jeff's cyborg cells

Spike Jones (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 21:43:58 -0700

Jeff Davis wrote:

> ...Since mitochondria are common to all cell types, nanochondria can be
> applied throughout the body. So, from nanochondria as the starting point,
> the idea snowballs to replacing the whole range of subcellular structures,
> and organelles, until you end up with the complete nanonic posthuman
> specifically designed (purposefully evolved) for a seamless upload, while
> simultaneously retaining remote material agency and sensory capability...

Jeff! This is a masterpiece! Thanks. {8^] The power source for nanobots has always been problematic. ATP is an energetic molecule, just asking for some cell to extract the energy by a controlled chemical decomposition. If some theoretical nanorganism (Gina Miller's term) were to adapt itself to living off of ATP in a cell, and could figure out how to interconnect themselves

(perhaps via Jeff's buckytube notion) they could perhaps form a sort of meta-brain, within a living organism, without otherwise disturbing the host organism. One could imagine a whale might be an ideal host, or perhaps a giant redwood. Or a human, for the metabrain might be able to somehow suggest actions for the human to carry out. Mediclorians? spike