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> > > If someone is DANGEROUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE, why are they walking around
> > > unsupervised? Shouldn't they be in some kind of institution? Or at
> > > the very least, have a baby sitter?
> > >
> >
> > A good question with no easy answer; it is nevertheless true that
> > many such people are not only walking around, but doing so legally
> > armed;
> Yes, and they are driving while drunk, driving while stupid, spreading
> aids, beating people up, and conceiving children they aren't even
> interested in taking care of. And you seem to think that if only we made
> sure that they didn't have a gun (how?) that we would somehow all be much
> safer.

We would be safer, and safer still if everyone had to blow through a breatylyzer tube to start their car, had to be incarcerated for life for knowingly spreading aids, and have any wages and inheritances garnished to pay for their wild-oat progeny. But I'm not arguing in favor of those things, although they may or may not be ideas worth considering. I AM, however, making the point that just because there are other risks in the world is no reason to not act to reasonably minimize the one under discussion. Arguing against A by pointing to Y has been a logical fallacy since Aristotle, and I doubt if you are going to resuscitate the validity of such an error at this late date.