Re: Nanotech Scenarios

Anders Sandberg (
01 Jun 1999 22:48:47 +0200

"Mark Phillips" <> writes:

> Unfortunately, Craig, you may be right. Hopefully, though, we extropians,
> venturists, and especially Drexler and his group and (BC)Crandall and his
> group, may be able to keep nanotech RESEARCH, and, thus, the BREAKTHROUGH,
> in the public/commercial sector of the society. If not, we may all be
> (nano-)screwed!!

What was the BREAKTHROUGH of computers? What was the BREAKTHROUGH of chemical synthesis? What was the BREAKTHROUGH of modern medicine?

Technological development is a broad front, not a race for a single breakthrough. The exception may be when trying to use a completely new physical principle, but nanotech is well within the spheres of chemistry, physics and biology.

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