Re: POLL, and collaborative filtering

dwayne (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 15:59:20 +1000

Sasha Chislenko wrote:
> I started my own Newsfilter project that is currently at the very
> beginning of practical development, but I hope it has a bright future.
> It is public and open-source, web-based, at least in the first stage,
> will have collaborative and concept filtering in staged implementations.

Hmm, I should look at this, Lamont Granquist specced out such a beast a very long time ago on the leri list.
Does it work yet?

> If you want to help define this service and take part in developing it,
> please visit the URL below and share your opinions.

Zap, I'm there.

> I also have a number of texts (see Semantic Web, ACF and Semantic Transports,
> Message Rating Proposal articles on my site) on the perspectives of semantic filtering, and originally hoped for the extropians to take a more active
> position than hoping that somebody else sometime will develop some
> intelligent knowledge filters. But the main thing, it has a good plan,
> finally, a good team, and it's starting.
> Wanna help?

Yeah, but last time I mentioned something like this you accused me of claiming authorship of your idea, and I can't be bothered with someone so noided. but I'll wander over and take a look.