Re: Nanotech Scenarios

Martin Anso (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 15:43:07 NZST

Craig Harker wrote:

> >I personaly think that the first people to master nanotech will be
>the armed forces. They >probably have people working on it already.
>Once they get it ,it will definitely be >classified top secret.Whether
>or not they manage to keep it that way is another matter.

It's quite likely that the Pentagon will try to fully exploit nanotechnology. The New Zealand Herald (May 21 1999) reported that Michigan Uni scientists were developing 'nano-bombs' to help protect soldiers from biological warfare. The research was funded by the Defence Department. (These nanobombs apparently fuse with bacteria etc, such as anthrax, and then explode, while leaving human cells unharmed.)

(Gina might have mentioned this elsewhere - apologies for repeating it if so.)


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