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31 May 1999 18:10:30 +0200 writes:

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> writes:
> >> Is it imaginable that some form of nanorganism could be made
> >> to reside in our cells, perhaps devouring a small share of the
> >> ATP produced by the mitochondria, and providing in return,
> >> some... some what? Intuition? spike
> >Thats a tough thought though... has any work been done towards
> >designs for compound eukaryote-drexler nanotech entities?
> >Would it be possible to design 'stealth' nanites able to live
> >inside cells and suck up ATP for power?

It is likely easier than to have them swim around in the bloodstream or elsewhere - a well defined chemical environment (maybe a bit reactive) with no immune systems attacking them. The nanochondria could be powered by modified ATPases.

> A cyborg osteoblast could make your bones out of a different material
> which I assume could be quite handy if you could find the right replacement
> material.

The trick is the material; you don't want anything too brittle. You might also want to have osteoclasts that can break it down. Don't forget that the bones are important calcium reserves.

> A cyborg macrophage could mechanically dispose of nonreactive
> substances like asbestos. Chop it up, put it in small wrapped
> bundles, and put it in some secretion. This could be particularly
> handy for lungs.

Especially when debugging ufogs :-)

> Of course, drextech is currently designed on the assumption it operates
> in a vacuum free of ionizing radiation. I understand an aqueous
> environment full of reactive substances would be pretty hostile to drextech.

Yes, but bio-inspired nanodevices would be right at home. It is wet, sloppy and random, but has a good infrastructure. The only problem might be that protein-based nanodevices could produce a HLA signal to the immune system.

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