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> >> While I agree that the US government is built to avoid things
> >> like Weimar and Nazi germany atrocities, I'd hardly say that
> >> "It won't happen here".
> Just to provide an historical reminder: it /has/ happenned here.
> The internment of Japanese-Americans was clearly illegal, but no
> one in the chain of command had the courage to stop it. And need
> I even mention the treatment of American Indians? Yes, I'm glad
> that our government is set up to make certain kinds of tyranny
> more difficult, but if the public sees something or someone as an
> enemy (take "drug user" for example, or "illegal alien"), democracy
> won't get in the way of the people marginalizing or dehumanizing
> them. It takes individuals with conscience, a loud voice, and the
> means to back it up to fight such trends.
Nowhere in my list did I advocate a marginalization of any of the straw-man groups here profferred, and I personally oppose same as vociferously as I advocate the passage of the rational, reasonable, limited and commonsense laws I have previously enumerated (keep guns from the possession of violent criminals, the mentally deficient and/or deranged, spouse and/or child abusers, and children). To indict A by slagging B is not only logically fallacious, but intellectually dishonest.
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