Re: retrograde technologies?

Spike Jones (
Sat, 29 May 1999 14:17:49 -0700

Darin Sunley wrote: example in Return of the Jedi they get the performace of those "pods" in
speeder bikes that noticeably DON'T have to have Rolls-Royce jet engines strapped to the front :)

Darin, I went with four other engineer coworkers. We skipped out at lunch Friday and viewed it. When they showed the racer pods, all five of us simultaneously broke out laughing. People stared. {8^D We imagined the Naboo propulsion engineers who could make a machine hover noiselessly in an apparent 1 G field, but to make the thing go forward, hmmmm, thats tough. How about... two *enormous* air breathing jet engines! Yea, that aughta do it! {8^D We loved that. Im coming to appreciate the understated humor in the star wars series. {8^D

>What precisely in the movie are you referring to? The only clear incident
>of technology that might have disappeared in the movie is the neato-keen
>droid space fighters.

I was in fact thinking of those droid fighters. Definitely more advanced than the (50 yr?) later storm troopers with the cheesy white body armor that evidently didnt protect them from anything. I would like to have one or or two of those droid warriors. {8^D

In retrospect, I think this might be part of the joke. I liked this episode more than the previous ones. I liked their explanation for the force too, kinda nano, didnt you think? spike