Re: Enough with the Guns/Property Thing
Sat, 29 May 1999 16:18:37 EDT

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> I don't mind the periodic off-topic posts. Occasionally, a thread will
> stray into areas better suited for other newsgroups. I've posted off-topic
> myself from time to time. But usually such threads die out after 10 or 15
> posts at the most. The last week or so I've been getting almost 200 posts
> day from the ExI list and 80%+ are guns/property material. I think its
> to take these discussions elsewhere. Elsewise, my kill file will begin to
> grow.

hehe noooooooooooo! i dunno. i think this has been quite interisting. and anyway, doug jones and joe dees seem to have come to some operative conclusions about some things that were being debated, and i concur with those. i think good has come of this, and i think that, in the future, we should never shrink from dicussions like this; we should never shrink at the chance to slay sacred cows.

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