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> >> Thanks for the soapbox.
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> >Then you work with me to convince the rampant dorks here that
> >violent criminals, the mentally deficient and/or deranged, spouse
> >and/or child abusers and children should be forbidden by law to
> >purcase, own or possess guns, and that anything that's ammo is
> >called "ordnance" (the big stuff) should be classified not as arms,
> >but as military hardware and kept exclusive to the military. BTW,
> >the bombs did not, for the most part, go off, and if the Littleton
> >killers hadn't had the benefit of guns to keep people at bay while
> >they attempted to detonate same, even less would have.
> Yep.
> As far as the bombs - how the hell did they ever manage to emplace them?
> That school must have had no security at all. On the other hand - lighting
> a fuse or closing a switch is lots less obvious than firing a gun...
> Chuck Kuecker
The ability to detonate unobtrusively is also a product of technique and technology.