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> I wrote:
> >I have to admit, I find creeping
> >through woods shooting at people with a fully-automatic air rifle
> Oh, and before Joe accuses me of being a dangerous nut again, I'm talking
> about the Japanese equivalent of paintball, with two teams fighting each
> other with air assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, grenade launchers, etc,
> firing small plastic pellets rather than paint, which is currently
> growing rapidly in the UK too. Somehow I think the government's attempt
> to "destroy the gun culture" is backfiring, as those of us who used to
> shoot gunpowder guns are discovering that airguns are almost totally
> unrestricted and firefights with other people are a lot more fun than
> shooting paper.
> Shame I can't spare $5000 for that cute air minigun...
> Mark
Nobody gets killed, no problem.