Ritalin (was Re: Guns [was Property Rights])

James Rogers (jamesr@best.com)
Fri, 28 May 1999 08:59:39 -0700

At 07:58 AM 5/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>The second amendment was written long after the earth cooled, and
>most of the 20,000 gun laws in this country violate the second
>amendment. If your so determined, as we have pointed out you should
>start by repealing the second amendment.
>In all the recent incidences, numerous gun laws were broken,
>passing more won't stop them.
>It's interesting that the anti-gunners keep ignoring the fact that
>in both the most recent serious shootings, the perps were on
>prescription mind altering drugs.

The connection between the shooters and Ritalin is a curious coincidence. Like amphetamines and other similar stimulants, Ritalin can cause psychosis, mental instability, and other similar problems in some people.

Given the heavy usage of Ritalin for kids these days, I would not find it surprising that it is inducing dangerous mental states in some people. This could very possibly account for the increase in violence among kids in recent years. I think it would behoove the public to explore this angle a little bit further.

-James Rogers