Re: Guns [was Re: property Rights]
Thu, 27 May 1999 17:07:14 EDT

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<< > My point was made from an individualistic standpoint. An individual takes
> action for an individual's life. Laws are not individual action, they are
> systematic violence (as I thinkwas pointed out previously). I do agree
> it is bad when the category of people you write get guns....but I
> disagree with your methods (law).
It needs to be done for the good of all of us and there ain't no other way. >>

Well, I'm sure I don't need to mention the bells and whistles that go off when I read or hear " good of us all" : )

As to whether there is no other way, I'm not so sure. I haven't done a large amount of study on the issue, so my objection to gov enforcement of such bans basically rests on my previous post's points and a few other things that I won't list right now (tho I suppose I will later if asked : ). But I'd like to hear why you think there is no other way.

I'll confess here that I'm coming from an anarchist perspective, so you can better iunderstand my points.