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Thu, 27 May 1999 13:33:11 -0700

I think in the advanced states we may differ, we may also be more acceptable and able to withstand a seperate environment, in this new freedom of choice atmosphere. A type A or a type B could select to be so and live in each ones particular way and place.
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>"Raymond G. Van De Walker" <> writes:

>> On 24 May 1999 17:12:41 +0200 Anders Sandberg <> writes:
>> Just an ignorant question here. Do any of you have specific ideas
>> for preventing an interspecific war of extermination between
>> transhumans of different species, or between humans and transhumans?
>Rationality. Why would species A want to get rid of species B (costly
>and dangerous), when they can instead trade or cooperate and both get
>the benefits? I have a half-written paper about this issue, and it
>seems that even wastly different transhuman species or
>humans-transhumans have little to gain by attacking each other due to
>things like the law of comparative advantage, the stability or
>reciprocal cooperation and the likeliehood of having very different
>ecological niches. As long as the number or impact of irrational
>agents is sufficiently low and there are no "dominant technologies"
>that give the wielder total dominance over any non-wielder, this seems
>to be stable.
>Anders >