Re: Guns [was Re: property Rights]

Rick (
Thu, 27 May 1999 19:54:01 +0100

>2) Have you pro gun activists got any idea how completely mad you
>sound to non Americans?

>The USA is one of the top gun-owning countries, but there are others
>which have as high or higher rates of gun ownership. Switzerland and
>Afghanistan, for instance, though those two countries could hardly be
>more different from each other. In Switzerland, target shooting is a
>popular sport, with a patriotic flavor. Most adult males (up to 50 years
>of age) are members of the militia and normally keep a military rifle at
>home. Switzerland claims that it can mobilize a 600,000 man force in 48

If this is true, then why does Switzerland not have a terrible history of school murders and psychotic teenagers branding the weapons of their 'decent normal FREE citizen' parents. The reason is because their society isn't as screwed up like in the US.

One thing that I have to say that has REALLY got on my nerves is the following:

After the latest shooting at Colombine in CO, CNN had a guy (member of NRA) who looked professional enough, suited like a normal businessman and asked how he would feel if Congress passed new gun laws to help prevent such incidents from happening again. (Many of you may have seen the same clip.)

Well, the guy basically said that if the authorities attempted to take any of his weapons away he would open fire and stand his ground. Lets have a summary on the logic of that shall we ... this apprently average normal person would rather shoot and kill police officers doing their job than have his precious killing tool taken away. Totally unwilling to compromise about any changes in the laws at all.

Before people start countering what I am saying, getting hostile and start bitching about freedom, let me state my opinions so you know where I am standing. I believe people have the right to protect themselves, with guns if need be in special circumstances, but I don't believe that everyone should have the right to own one or gain access to one so easily. This is NOT about freedom, hell, you don't need to brand a gun to be free and I really wish people would stop making that assumption. Just because every other country in the world doesn't have teenagers killing each other every 2 weeks, it does not mean they are slaves! One word - paranoia.

To support my point I state this: The guy I was just referring to who stated he would rather kill a police officer (who most likely has a wife and family) or other law enforcement officers than have his gun taken away SHOULD have his license revoked for saying that and have his weapons taken away as he is talking like a potential killer and is clearly a threat to the general public from my perspective. In the US, most people who go around saying "I have the constitutional right to carry guns" appear unstable and trigger happy. And THAT is the reality of it. Considering these rights were created in a time where it was alright to blast people, its about time those that believe everyone should have a gun should wake the hell up and realise that that was then and this is now.

Most people who claim they have a gun for personal protection have very little need for that claim. Unless you work for the government or some other agency that MAY put your life at risk or threat then chances are you have no need for a gun. But what about home security? Bullshit! Guns can be expensive not to mention the ammo ... why not spend that money in investing in better alarm systems and top quality locks for your home and windows? Invest your money in a silent alarm connected with the local police department. But ohh no, that would take away the fun of blasting the gun toy at an intruder ...

If freedom comes at the cost of the lives of dozens of kids every month, then screw it, I support the government and the security agencies that are trying to restrict such a free flowing gun-ridden society. New gun laws does not mean violation of rights (that were written when the earth was still cooling) or is against freedom, its against unnecessary death and reduction of terrorism. True, criminals could still get hold of guns, but the last 10 incidents at schools usually involved guns from normal households, not illegally through the black market.

Shooting for sports is different, however that issue is usually used by some members of the NRA as an outlet for their dillusional anti-government controling paranoia.

The bottom line is, not everyone is a schitzo with a gun, some of us actually realise that you can live and be free without the obsessive need to carry a gun. Of course new gun laws can be compromised, however, those who are against any new laws are simply not willing to compromise. So the situation will most probably stay grid locked.

(Waiting for the huge sulking unreasonable non agreeing outcry that will most likely follow these opinions).