Re: Property Rights

Thu, 27 May 1999 11:27:19 +0200

It appears as if Raymond G. Van De Walker <> wrote:
|Why don't we become a big hive mind, and then since we will all be "I",
|I will own everything, and I can do whatever I think best?

The interconnection between the parts of the human civilization will have to exceed a certain level before they form the hive mind. This has not happened yet, due to the low throughput of the current networks. You cannot use them as true extensions of your senses at this time.

|It looks to me like property is really a caching solution to a
|communication problem. We vest resource rights in local processors
|(people) because it's too hard to transfer the knowledge of individuals
|using our low-bit rate natural languages.
|Also, people have different genomes, and thus different evolutionary
|accounts to which the resource are totted-up. Still, this seems soluble,
|too, since 99% of human genomes are shared.

I understand that all life share approximately the same ratio of the DNA. Some mailing list member with knowledge on this matter: verify it, please.