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>delriviere christophe [] wrote:
>>Or more clearly, aren't our individualistic global society, without some
>>strong collective goals that would make us a real race of Beings,
>>particulary pathetic ??
>Well, I'm baffled. If you mean that we can't be a 'real race of Beings'
>until we become a Borganism, that's particularly baffling, as we can't
>simultaneously be a single Borganism and a 'race of Beings'.
> Mark
...well, seems my definition of a borganism is *very* flexible : the interactions between the constitutive elements don't need to be "strong"... I already consider the whole earth as a borganism for example. If another definition, probably more accurate, is prefered here, I will be pleased to use your convention ;)......

I was not suggesting that we have to transform the humanity the Star Trek way...Still I would be somewhat happy to see one day humanity absorb whole solar systems for technological purposes ;)...I was just screaming by habbit that I'm ashamed by the fact we have so few strong and global valuable projects (the usual ones : for memory : solar system exploitation, to try to save the human culture of very potential extinction, life extension, medical research, end famine,...etc...etc...)

The I.S.S. for example seems a very bad joke to me...


Question : Why couldn't we simultaneously be a single borganism and a 'race of beings' ?