Re: Property Rights

jonwill (
Wed, 26 May 1999 11:16:26 -0400

> Billy Brown wrote:
> The key feature of private property is that it allows individuals to decide
> what is done with a resource. Any system in which individuals are allowed
> to freely own and trade a resource is a private property system.

As long as humans are connected with a physical state of existence, there will be interaction with three dimensional objects (property). As long as humans live in societies, there will be a need for delineation of private vs. public property rights.

Under current conditions of supply and demand gaps, the rational focus should be on maximizing production capabilities. History has shown democratic-capitalistic societies to be the most productive at the same.

Under future conditions of unlimited production capability, the focus should shift toward maximizing satisfaction, which is a personal choice. There could be communities with varying levels of private vs. public property ownership, whereby each individual could reside in a community that suits their preference.

I personally would prefer a community that respects the sanctity of individual toothbrush ownership.