Re: Property Rights

Anders Sandberg (
26 May 1999 17:13:56 +0200

"Billy Brown" <> writes:

> O'Regan, Emlyn wrote:
> > What do you call a society of borganisms?
> Each borganism has its own consciousness, and would therefore act like a
> single individual with many bodies. The details of such a society would be
> very different from anything we've seen before, but the basic questions
> about how resources are to be controlled would remain. Thus,
a society of
> borganisms could use anything from a pure free market to absolute
> collectivism.

And in the borganism society some of course argue that collectivism is an infringement on their rights and that individuality as a borganism is very important for freedom. :-)

Hmm, an Objectivist borg? "We are Ayn of Rand, resistance is futile..." :-)

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